Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Collin's last day of preschool was on Thursday. They had a short little program that over viewed the things that they learned. Last year they did nursery rhymes, he had Jack and Jill. When he said it he would say to petch a fail of water. This year he got Jack Be Nimble. He said it so fast that I could hardly understand. He goes from one extreme to the other.

He is excited to be done with preschool, because now he can "go to kindergarten." I am not sure I am excited, a bit sad may be the better word for it. He loves school so I am happy for him. His new thing with pictures is to stick his tongue out, put his arms up, and though you can't see it he is standing on one foot. Gotta Love it!

The perfect fit today, probably not tomorrow. Collin and Ty had fun pulling and pushing Case around in the Mega Blocks wagon. As Case hummed they pulled him as fast as possible. They had a great time until Ty tried to squeeze him in between the laundry basket and the door jamb, Case's arms did not like that idea.

I loved the back view every time they ran by. He looked like he was just chilling as his brothers pulled him around.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

So I was running a little behind the other morning. Can you tell? Collin and Ty dressed themselves from head to toe. I do have to say that Ty gave me a great laugh, stripes with plaid, NICE! I think that Preston taught him that. I hope that he teaches him soon how to coordinate color. The best part was when i am literally walking out the door and i see both of then struggling to get their snow boots on. At this point i thought they actually looked cute!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Case had his 1st birthday this last month. We went to Desert Mountain Park. The weather was perfect for a water balloon fight and just to hang out and enjoy our friends and family. He got plenty of gifts, but i do have to say that Mommy got the best gift...his cell phone. I wonder who he is calling he is pretty serious. He still loves his phone and it has been almost three weeks.

Monday, May 05, 2008

So I am obviously new to the blog thing...thanks to Trish we have made it this far. We had our family pictures taken at Ashcreek in April. I love to see a pile of feet, especially when they are my boys, and look they are actually clean and they don't stink, haha. That can be quite rare at our house.
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